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A FormulaOne query can act as anything from a question about the truth of a simple arithmetic statement, to a request to find values of variables satisfying a formula, to the running of a program, to an access or update of a database file.

Moving to the Query Window

The first step in entering a query is to get to the query window. From the toolbar, press the Query, button.

Entering and Running a Query

You enter a query by typing its text. However, most queries will be only one line. You can copy queries from your code and paste them in the query window using predefined keys, such as Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V, you specify in your preferences under Customize menu.
To run a query press Compile, or Compile and Run, toolbar buttons.

Compiler Errors in Queries

Result of code compilation will be displayed in the Message window. To toggle the view of Message window press toolbar button.

The Results Window

Results of queries are displayed in the Result window.

Top Miscellaneous Advanced Topics FormulaOne Language Definition