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Sam Loyd (1841-1911), America's most famous puzzle expert, presented 
the following problem: 

After gathering 770 chestnuts, the three little girls divided them up
so that their amounts were in the same proportion as their ages. 
As often as Mary took four chestnuts, Nellie took three, and for every 
six that Mary received, Susie took seven.

How many chestnuts did each girl get?


Runnig the query

    all DividingTheSpoils(mary,nellie,susie)

will produce the following results:

    mary   = 264
    nellie = 198
    susie  = 308

pred DividingTheSpoils(mary::L,nellie::L,susie::L) iff
    3*mary = 4*nellie &
    7*mary = 6*susie &
    mary + nellie + susie = 770

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