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Getting Started

Step by step instructions: compile a sample program Queens.f1.

Load the project “Samples”. This project can be loaded using the “Recent Projects” menu option:

Screenshot 1

In this example we want to compile the file Queens.f1.

To view the file contents, in the project “Samples” click on the file “Queens.f1”:

Screenshot 2

The F1 IDE editor will open the file “Queens.f1”. You can now view, edit and compile the file.

 Screenshot 3

Compile the file by clicking on the “Compile” button in the toolbar. (You can also compile the file using menu options)

 Screenshot 4

Compilation progress and results are displayed in the message window:

 Screenshot 5

Now that the file “Queens.f1” has been successfully compiled, run the query:

    all Queens(8) 
This will find all solutions for 8x8 chessboard.

First open the query file by clicking on the “samplesQuery.f1q”:

 Screenshot 6

The samples query file has several samples related queries already present. Make sure the query you want to execute is not commented out. If so, comment out the uncommented query and uncomment the query you want to run. Alternatively, type in your own query.

Once this is done, compile the query file clicking the “Compile” button.

 Screenshot 7


Once the query is successfully compiled, it is automatically executed. You will be able to see the query results in a separate “Results” window.

 Screenshot 8


You can repeat the above steps and compile and run all the samples.